Vacuum Machine


Model No.: VR-E8
Part No.: 0301-001/G
Electric Motor: 90 kw, IP55, Class F
Process Air Volume/ Vacuum Pressure: 60 m3/min (3600 CMH)/ -450mmHg
Dust Filtration: Cyclone and cartridge dust collector
Power Supply: 380–415V/50Hz/3 phase
Power Requirement / Air Requirement: 120A – Full load, 50A – No load (start-delta) / 25 cfm, max 10bar
Silo Capacity: 8 ton capacity
Silo Dimension: Ø1800mm x 3200mm (H)
Silo Weight: 1.6 ton
Machine Dimension: 2800 x 2200 x 2200mm
Machine Weight: 3.5 ton
Recovery Rate: Up to 10 tons/hr
Optional Accessories:
Machine to Silo: 5″ x 20m WGP suction hose
Silo to Suction / Manifold: 4″ x 20m WGP suction hose
Manifold to Vacuum: 2″ x 20m GL ducting hose
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